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INNO-TEC-LAB project took the opportunity to talk to trainers that took part in the online Train-the-Trainers, a structured online training for teachers.

In this video the trainers presented new ways of teaching, as well as sharing how this challenging period in everyone’s lives opened new opportunities.

The online Train-The-Trainers was held on the project platform.

Through 3 training units (plus a project work) participants can:

  • reflect on how to coach and support students in their future professional steps taking inspiration from current trends in society

  • explore the relevance of different 21st century skills within teaching, such as critical thinking, inclusive communication, cross-cultural collaboration and problem-solving

  • experiment with state-of-the-art digital tools and platforms that shape a new way of teaching in these fast-changing times

  • put all the newly-acquired learnings to the test in a project where redesigning (part of) your own teaching practice.

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