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This learning module established the general guidelines for the acquisition of new knowledge and practical experience through a pedagogical approach that defined the following aspects.

- Objectives for student learning outcomes and the competencies and skills for development.

- Specific activities to be carried out by the students.

- Communication processes and methods: peer-to-peer, student-teacher, teacher-teacher.

- Resources required for the implementation of learning activities.

- Assessment methodology.

The main goal of this learning module was to serve as a foundation for the courses that instructors will attend (train-the-trainers) and deliver (INNO-TEC-LAB).



The learning module supported a complete online train-the-trainers programme to help teachers create high-quality online courses and virtual learning environments. Train-the-trainers addresses the changing role of teachers and teaching practices, covering topics such as new technologies, 21st century skills, and inclusivity. After this training, teachers were able to redesign an existing course or create a new one. Transfer and potential are high, as users of the training can successfully and sustainably apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired during the training to later become highly qualified and versatile in teaching courses to students.



The student course was part of a more extensive learning module focusing on innovation in technical education. The Course was preceded by train-the-trainers. After this training, teachers were then able to redesign an existing course or create a new one with the help of the INNO-TEC-LAB course.

The course focused on the topic of professional development and personal branding. It consisted of three short units with some self-study and mentoring by the trainer. At the end of the course, students create a final project work, consisting of a personal pitch that showed their identity as a professional and reflects on the future of their field of work.



The output consisted of the creation of a platform of innovation laboratories. Supported by the IED Campus on Moodle, it was established as a shared working space in which to interact, exchange knowledge, generate content within the project and for future use. During the implementation of the project, the platform hosted a synchronous online train-the-trainers program involving teachers, trainers and researchers from different HEIs and VET organizations, delivered in two editions. It also provided a dedicated space for the Student Courses, also in two editions, providing the opportunity to attend live sessions, interact across-institutions and gain access to useful additional resources.

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