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Project aims and objectives



INNO-TEC-LAB "Development of opportunities in the field of design for technical careers through innovation-laboratories" is a Strategic Partnership for Higher Education, co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union (KA 2).


The project aims to create and validate a model based on interdisciplinarity and student-centered learning to support innovation through a network of innovation laboratories that will serve to improve learning tools, knowledge exchange, training of learners and researchers.

The objective

To create and validate a model based in interdisciplinarity to support innovation in the field of design in technical careers through a network of inovation laborotories that will be connected to each other and will serve to improve learning tools, knowledge exchange, training of learners and researchers.

The objectives

To initiate the creation of transdisciplinary framework across careers.

To develop a digital platform that connects innovation laboratories and facilitates the generation and exchange of knowledge.

INNO-TEC-LAB was aimed primarily at teachers, researchers, lecturers and staff of partner organizations and students of technical careers, as well as public authorities, policymakers and the business sector.

The project involved 7 entities from different fields (universities, non-profit associations specializing in education, training entities) from 6 different countries in Europe (Italy, Poland, France, Lithuania, Netherlands, and Finland).

INNO-TEC-LAB with a duration of 24 months starting September 2020 is going to developed these intellectual outputs:

  • INNO-TEC-LAB learning module

  • Online “train the trainers”

  • INNO-TEC-LAB courses for students

  • Creation of a platform of innovation laboratories

Two multiplier events were developed at the European level that aided the dissemination and extension of the project activities and the sustainability of the project after its completion. The project was told through the website and on the social networks of the project and of the partners. 

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